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Favorites from April 2020

A collection of some of my favorite links, images, tweets and quotes from April. These aren’t comprehensive but do capture some of the things I found interesting, thought-provoking, or cool while surviving but not thriving during the past month.

When you know more than doctors who've spent their entire careers studying infectious diseases, it's time for Dunning-Kruger.

via @theturner


“The great ones do not set up offices, charge fees, give lectures, or write books. Wisdom is silent, and the most effective propaganda for truth is the force of personal example. The great ones attract disciples, lesser figures whose mission is to preach and to teach. These are gospelers who, unequal to the highest task, spend their lives in converting others. The great ones are indifferent, in the profoundest sense. They don’t ask you to believe: they electrify you by their behavior. They are the awakeners. What you do with your petty life is of no concern to them. What you do with your life is only of concern to you, they seem to say. In short, their only purpose here on earth is to inspire. And what more can one ask of a human being than that?” – Henry Miller

“Be scared. You can’t help that. But don’t be afraid.” – William Faulkner, The Bear

Bring on the May flowers!